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Our portfolio of genomic profiling services

High-quality portfolio

Foundation Medicine: An established portfolio of services for patients across diverse clinical situations

Foundation Medicine’s established portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) services should be used to inform the use of immunotherapies, identify alternative therapy options or identify trial opportunities:1–9
T i s s u e s a m p l e T i s s u e - b a s e d t e s t f o r h a e m a t o l o g i c a l m a l i g n a n c i e s a n d s a r c o m a s 9 , 1 2 HEME E X P L O R E E X P L O R E Solid tumour W h a t type of tumour d o e s y o u r p a t i e n t h a v e ? T i s s u e sample Blood sample T i s s u e - b a s e d t e s t f o r s o l i d t u m o u r s 1 L i q u i d b i o p s y t e s t f o r s o l i d t u m o u r s 8 , 1 1
All our services use our leading comprehensive genomic profiling approach to identify clinically relevant alterations and potentially expand treatment options

All of Foundation Medicine’s services use our CGP approach, which analyses the tumour genome to identify clinically relevant alterations and inform treatment decision-making.1–9
Genomic database


Our tests evolve as our understanding of cancer broadens

Our continuously growing genomic database currently includes over 400,000 genomic profiles across numerous tumour subtypes.12 Advanced bioinformatics interrogate the data, including fields not currently reported clinically (such as loss of heterozygosity), to generate potentially actionable insights.12

Our growing database includes 200,000+ genomic profiles, allowing our tests to constantly evolve so we can provide the most clinically relevant insights

CGP: comprehensive genomic profiling; FFPE: formalin-fixed paraffin embedded.

M-GB-00009114 April 2023


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