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The Foundation Medicine Service

The Foundation Medicine service is a simple and convenient process

On receipt of the sample at our laboratory, our 14-day turnaround time* is comparable to less comprehensive tests.1,2,3

The Foundation Medicine service

Analysis of thesample and evaluation of the results Send the sample to Foundation Medicine 1 Oncologist orders test 2 Pathologist prepares the tumour sample or a blood sample is taken 3 4 5 Test results sent to the treating Oncologist 14 days from receipt of viable sample

How Do I Place an Order?

Online Order Process

The easiest way to place an order is via the Foundation Medicine Online Order Portal. This platform not only enables you to place your orders simply and quickly, it will also give you a complete overview of your tests at any time during the laboratory process and both view and manage your patients' reports once they are released.  

In order to register for the Online Order Portal, click the ORDER NOW button above and follow the prompts for a new user. If you are a Delegated User (DU) ordering on behalf of a Health Care Professional (HCP), please contact the Customer Care Team on the following details: 0800 731 5711 option 3 or by emailing  uk.foundation@roche.com and we can support you with your order process.

If you are unable to place your order on the online ordering portal, please download the order form and complete all the information requested and then email the form to: uk.foundation@roche.com. You will be required to confirm that you have obtained informed consent using either:

  1. The Informed Consent Form provided, or
  2. Warrant that existing consent form(s) appropriately obtain the consent as detailed in our Informed Consent Form, with particular regard to the exchange of personal and/or sensitive personal data beyond the UK, EU and/or EEA



When placing an order, the portal will give you the option to decide how the order will be financed by clicking on the relevant payment method, choosing either Request Invoice (Direct Hospital Invoicing) or Customer Self Pay (up front credit card payment).
Request Shipment Kits

In preparation of your appropriate FoundationOne® Order sample collection, you will require the FoundationOne® Shipment Kit to ensure the security of the specimen against transport damage and extreme temperature. Each shipment kit should be utilised for one patient. Do not include different patient samples in the sample Shipment Kit. 

In order to request a shipment kit please email uk.foundation@roche.com stating the service & quantity of kits you require, together with the delivery address. Please include a contact name and number.

The video below explains how to pack a liquid sample

Customer Support and Documentation

Our customer support is built on a wealth of knowledge, expertise and dedication to help you provide the best possible care for your patients, offering assistance throughout the ordering process.
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Please find below, links to all our supporting documentation:

Questions about ordering

Roche Foundation Medicine is able to process any clinical sample that meets the specifications. Should your sample have insufficient DNA, you will be notified as soon as possible following receipt. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

For more information about the order process, collection or the status of your order, please contact the Roche Foundation Medicine Customer Care team on:

0800 731 5711 option 3 or by email at uk.foundation@roche.com.

If you have a question about the sample, please contact the Medical Information team on:

0800 328 1629 option 4 or by email at medinfo.uk@roche.com

*Based on typical turnaround time of <2 weeks from receipt of sample.
FFPE: formalin-fixed paraffin embedded.

M-GB-00016634 April 2024


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